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  • The Ghost – Full Read – PB BOX SET

    In The Ghost in my iPad 3:45, Jengo attempts to solve the mystery surrounding a serial kidnapper who has been abducting a schoolgirl each holiday. Jengo vowels to find who is responsible for the kidnappings and rescue the girls. With unexpected help from a friendly ghost, he begins a search through an underground maze of rooms. Will Jengo catch the Holiday Snatcher before the next holiday? In The Ghost in my iPad 4:44 Jengo’s worst fear comes true. The Holiday Snatcher escapes from prison and kidnaps their friend Candy. In The Ghost in my iPad 12:12, Jengo and Billy are riding their bikes deep into a nearby National Park when they hear a strange whining sound and encounter poachers who will defend their actions at any cost.
  • ORM – eBook -Full Read – BOX SET

    Follow Chloe Russo through three Science Fiction, Action Adventure Thrillers as she fights her way back from a racing accident that left her confined to a wheelchair. Paralyzed from the waist down she uses her skills and knowledge as a graduate biogenetic student to reprogram her DNA so she can race again. Along the way, she discovers new powers beyond her understanding and dark military forces determined to learn about her abilities to re-engineer super soldiers. She also changes modern medicine and redefines what it is to be human.
  • Science Fiction Shorts – eBook Box Set

    SFS has the following stories
    The Stop
    To Find a Thief
    Sniper POV
    Bottoms Up
    Critique Circle
    The Commitment
    The Story of Sarah and Hagar
    The Beginning of the End
    The Night We Lost Cleveland
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Showing all 3 results