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  • About the Authors and Evolutis

    As the title says this short read is a glimpse into the life of two new writers. It’s about getting started toward the most enjoyable period of their lives. It is also about the choices they made for the stories they wrote and how they were fortunate to understand the secret of their goal of becoming true Indie Writers and Entrepreneurs was “Just write the next damn book.” They have published 30+ stories during the last seven years.
    Subscribing to Calvin Coolidge’s admonition to “Press on. Nothing can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; the world is full of unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education alone will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.” – E L Russell & E C Russell
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  • Adam Zed – Short Story – FR

    Adam Zed, a graduate student continually jerked around by his Dissertation Chair, lives in a run-down former frat house with six close LGBTQ friends from several undergraduate schools throughout the country. He is driven by his desire to complete his research, grab a Ph.D. and get as far from Upper Peninsula State University as possible. He also wishes to help his friends jack up their less than satisfactory social life.
    Adam persuades them to be a part of his research by offering to alter their microbiome to enhance their chances of getting laid. What could go wrong with that?
  • ADAM ZED – Paperback

  • Bottoms Up – Short Story

    Bottoms Up. I hope you will enjoy reading this story. It’s about a detective, Dick Reeder, whose career was in a downward spiral. To boost his confidence, his Chief gives Dick what he believes to be an easy case to solve. Uniforms nabbed a stoned teenager dumping large water cooler bottles into the City Reservoir. Analysis of the substance shows it to be plain tap water. Dick works the case with some buddies on Home Land Security. Things are not what they seem.
  • Sniper – POV – Short Story – Full Read

    Sniper – POV is a short, Flash Fiction story about a sniper who is forced to expand his Point of View beyond the terrorists in his scope. Things are not always what they seem.
  • H-SAM – Sample Read

  • H-SAM – Full Read

    Fergus Jerome, a 23-year-old, part-time graphic novelist, and full-time student of Graphic Design at UC Denver needs a part-time job to live in an apartment provided by his family. He secures a low position as a research assistant with Pharmco within walking distance of the campus and his apartment. His job is to interview special research subjects who have a Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory. People with H-SAM remember everything from every day of their life, within a few months after birth.
    Fergus’ first subject, Holly Samtorini is a beautiful, young woman who has H-SAM. What could possibly go wrong?
  • The Commitment – FR – Short Story

    Alice knew it was time for Fred to die. During the past seven of their fifty-eight years of marriage, she had been expected to spend an increasing amount of time seeing to his needs. These expectations were self-imposed by Alice’s strong sense of duty. Long ago she gave her word that for better or worse, she would love, honor, and obey Fred in every way. She had always loved him and he never demanded beyond her ability to obey. However, the time for honor was at hand.
    At first, all that Fred required, beyond the usual daily chores of a traditional wife and companion, was assistance with his shoes and socks. Then he developed a habit of dropping anything in his grasp. What was worse, Fred seemed unable to retrieve anything once he dropped it. Alice would often find Fred standing looking down woefully at some precious possession beyond his reach, or caring, on the floor below.
    I believe you will enjoy reading about Alice’s resolution to her commitment and appreciate the humor in her solution.
  • The Night We Lost Cleveland – Full Read

    Many of my short stories are about scientists and other crazy people who fall victim to new technologies, specifically, Genetic Engineering.
    In the story The Night We Lost Cleveland, our protagonist, Elmer, a fourteen-year-old boy abuses his grandfathers CRISPR-Cas9, a genetic engineering toolbox so simple to use a graduate student in microbiology could unleash a GENECAUST. That’s a shameless plug for a novel we published.) 
The CRISPR-Cas9 in the story is not fiction. Google slap it and search YouTube for the real thing. Well, the term Model 12 is fiction, but If you don’t believe this could happen, keep an eye on eBay.
I hope you enjoy the story. Remember, I only write about my dreams and nightmares.
    -E L Russell
  • The Stop – Short Story

    A woman is stopped for speeding on a dark rural road late at night. She discovers help is not always where you expect to find it.
  • Sarah & Hagar – FR – Short Story

    This short story about Sarah & Hagar, the wives of Abraham is a tale of caution based on the Old Testament and modern genomics about the possibility and horror of a Genecaust. Intended as a short story, Sarah & Hagar drove the development of our first Techno Thriller, GENECAUST
  • To Find a Thief – Flash Fiction

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    Flash Fiction, 500 words. This story is about a purse snatcher who picked on the wrong lady too often. 
    The media and police almost treat her as badly as they would the thief. In the end, she finds her own solution. I hope you enjoy it.
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  • Goth Glam – SR

  • GothGlam – FR Short Story

  • Critique Circle – Flash Fiction

    This is a Flash Fiction (500 words) story offering a humorous insight into a writer’s critique circle where work is shared and constructive comments made. If you write or plan to write, make joining a critique circle one of your top priorities.
    Please note that none of the characters in this story represent any respectable writer’s I know.
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  • The Ghost in my iPad 3:45 SR

    The Ghost in my iPad (3:45), is about a middle-school boy, helped by a ghost, who solves the mystery surrounding a serial kidnapper. For close to a year, someone has been abducting a school girl each holiday. Jengo Allbright wants to find who is responsible for the kidnappings and rescue the girls so they can return to their families. With the help of a friendly ghost and trusted friends, he begins a search for them. Will Jengo catch the Holiday Snatcher and save the girls before the next holiday? Intended for Tweens, The Ghost in my iPad is not a horror story, but one that demonstrates how working together is not only fun but also can solve problems that couldn’t be solved working alone. 


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  • The Ghost in my ipad – 4:44 Sample Read

    Their worst fear comes true when the Holiday Snatcher escapes and kidnaps their friend Candy. Jengo Allbright, with his best buddy, Billy, means to get her back. He enlists the help of his previously kidnapped sister and his friendly ghost, but his efforts are thwarted by the inexplicable absences of his ghost, the restraints of being grounded, indecipherable clues, and very bad food. Will Jengo and his crew be able to leap the hurdles and find Candy in time?


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