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SKV (Smart Killing Viruses) is a modern Mystery Techno-Thriller about corporate greed, terrorists, and black hat hackers taking advantage of new advances in the science of microbiology and the human genome.
Meret Mather, consultant to the CIA, CEO, and owner of a genetic consulting company is recovering from recent international and Homeland conflicts and intrigue with over a possible Genecaust where thousands might have been murdered.
Relaxing in her penthouse apartment with associates, Meret discovers a full-page ad in the New York Times that claims the CEOs of the top 52 Pharmcos on the planet will be assassinated, one each week, starting in January. The printed manifesto tells them how they must alter the costs of the drugs they sell along with new business plans that address humanitarian and social concerns before their published death day. The terrorists brag that as a warning each CEO’s personal computer will be shut down two weeks before the CEO’s announced Death Day.
Meret’s phone begins to ring and by the time she has taken the first call, another 23 calls are in the queue. Before she can react there is a loud knock at her door.
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